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The Next Generation Of Male Teenage Hearthrobs (According To Teens And Tumblr)

These up and coming groups of Social Media stars are creating massive teen female followings and "fandoms" online. If you're 18+ and are totally lost, here's your guide to impress the pop culture savvy teen in your life.

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YouTube Collab Kings: O2L (Our 2nd Life)


Who: Six guy friends from across the USA, each with their own channel who came together to form a group channel


Connor Franta, Age 21

Ricky Dillon Age 21

Sam Pottorff Age 17

JC Caylen Age 21

Trevor Moran Age 15

Kian Lawley Age 18

What: A collab channel have created the first and most successful collaboration channel on YouTube. They make Challenge Videos, Vlogs, Theme weeks, Pranks, etc...

They have over 1.5 million subscribers on O2L and 8 million total subscribers over all their channels combined.

Some recent activities include: They recently appeared in Rebecca Black's sequel to Friday "Saturday", announced the nominations of the upcoming MTV Movie Awards, have appeared on Nickelodeon's AwesomenessTV, and have attended numerous YouTube conventions and Digitours

Where: many members live together in the "O2L" house in LA.

Australian Pranksters: The Janoskians

Who: Five friends (3 brothers) called The Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation)


Brothers Jai Brooks Age 18, Luke Brooks Age 18, Beau Brooks Age 20.

Daniel Sahyoune Age 19

James Yammouni Age 18

What: Gained notoriety on YouTube with pranks and stunts with strangers. Recently, they took America by storm. Their "meet and greet" in an LA mall nearly caused a riot and more recently a meet up in Times Square brought nearly 20,000 teenage girls and many got trampled in the chaos. They recently also released a single and have begun having their own shows that feature songs, pranks and more

Where: All are from Australia

British Youtube Sensations: The YouTube Boyband

Who: Five British (and South African) YouTube superstars.


Jim Chapman, Age 26, (1.2 million Subscribers)

Alfie Deyes, Age 20, (Pointlessblog-1.9 millions Subscribers)

Marcus Butler, Age 22, (2.1 million Subscribers)

Caspar Lee, Age 19, (1.9 million Subscribers)

Joe Sugg, Age 22, (ThatcherJoe, 1.6 million Subscribers)

What: Massively popular YouTubers and friends, each starting off on their own channels, each having over 1M subscribers.

The boys have recently teamed up with Sports Relief to try to raise $50,000 for charity in order for them to release a music video of their "YouTube Boy Band". This fake parody band started as a karaoke video they did together that was very well received. Four of the boys recently teamed up with StyleHaul and introduced their own show on the site's YouTube channel called "The Crew". Prepare to see these faces at Playlist Live and Vidcon later this year.

Where: Alfie and Marcus live in Brighton, Caspar in London (originally from South Africa), Jim lives in Norwich, and Joe lives near Bath.

Side Note: They are all friends with many other famous YouTubers (Zoella Sugg, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Joey Graceffa, Sawyer Hartman, Jack and Finn, and many, many others)

Austrailian Heartthrobs: 5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer)

Who: Boy band that has a huge online and social media presence.


Luke Hemmings, Age 17

Michael Clifford, Age 18

Calum Hood, Age 17

Ashton Irwin, Age 19

What: Their YouTube channel has received over 5 million views and the band is very popular on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. They were recently the opening act for One Direction and will continue touring with them into the spring. The pre-order of the single "She Looks So Perfect" went straight to #1 in 39 countries.

Where: All come from Australia

Up and Coming Superstars: Viners

Who: Large group of teenage boys who have quickly become internet famous thanks to Twitter's app Vine

List of Prominent Viners

Nash Grier, Age 16 (6.4 million Vine followers)

Cameron Dallas, Age 18 (3.3 million Vine followers)

Jack and Jack, Ages 17, 18 (2.6 million Vine followers)

Matthew Espinosa, Age 16 (2.5 million Vine followers)

Carter Reynolds, Age 17 (2 million Vine followers)

Shawn Mendes, Age 15 (1.7 million Vine followers)

Taylor Caniff, Age 18 (780 K Vine followers)

What: When Twitter introduced its 6 second video app to the world in January 2013, it created an entirely new way to become a social media celebrity. Vine stars are known as "viners". These teenage guys have created a staggering amount of fans in less than a year and a half. Many viners have recently created YouTube channels and have gained millions of subscribers as well. A large group of Viners attended Magcon (a vine fan gathering) and slowly have begun building friendships and collaborations that has lead to more creative videos on YouTube and millions of dedicated followers.

Where: All over the USA, but many are moving to Los Angeles

Side note: This group is constantly expanding. Many have begun collaborating with other Vine stars (Jerome Jarre, DeStorm, Brittany Furlan, Princess Lauren, and many others)

UK Rockers: The Vamps


Who: Rock band The Vamps


Brad Simpson, Age 18

James McVey, Age 19

Connor Ball, Age 17

Tristan Evans, Age 18

What: McVey discovered Simpson on YouTube and later met the other two members and started posting videos of the band on YouTube. They gained notoriety online after gaining hundreds of thousands of views on their videos.

They've opened for UK band "McFly", Selena Gomez, The Wanted and Taylor Swift. They have recently announced a headling tour in late 2014. Their debut song "Can We Dance" debuted at #2 on the UK singles charts.

Where: All are based out the UK

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