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How Teen Wolf Is Basically The OC

After watching MTV's hit show, Teen Wolf, similarities between this season's hottest show and the 10 year old groundbreaking teen drama began to develop. Let's take a look, shall we?

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The Tragically Epic Couple

Allison and Scott are torn apart by her family's history of being Werewolf hunters while Ryan and Marissa's relationship is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Both relationships begin in the first season and are full of passion.

The Adorkable Nerdy Sidekick

Stiles and Seth Cohen are basically the same person. Both are only children who are practically brothers to their best friend, have intensely nerdy passions (werewolf lore/comic books), are socially awkward and have been in love with the same girl since 3rd grade.

Eventually the Two become One

Nerdy guy gets the girl! Well, hopefully soon for Lydia and Stiles (there is a kiss confirmed for this season). The pair that slowly comes together is in it for the long haul, especially seeing that both guys have been in love with their dream girl for years.

Hot and Popular Team Captain (leaves early in the series)

Luke and Jackson could be twins. Full of testosterone, hatred towards at their parents and just overall anger with their life. Both captains of their sport (Water Polo/Lacrosse), they eventually go from bullies to friends with the group, but not without causing major drama in between.

Lonely Guy Gets His Gun

Both Matt and Oliver slime their way into the life of the lead female character (Allison and Marissa) and eventually become dangerously close. Then the guns come out and no one (except the lead guys, Scott and Ryan) is prepared

Daddy Issues

The father of the lead female (Allison and Marissa) has a lot of issues and is often at odds with his daughter, yet they truly love them. Meanwhile, the fathers of the nerds public servants Sheriff Stilinski and Public Defendant-turned-Lawyer Sandy Cohen are real mentors for the group, especially their sons' best friend

Update: Major Female Character tragically dies at end of Season 3

When I thought there couldn't be any more similarities...

Both Crystal Reed and Misha Barton wanted out of the show so the creators both decided to kill them off tragically at the end of the 3rd season. Way to be original

In conclusion, if you are a fan of The OC who has been craving some teen drama, you should be watching Teen Wolf on MTV this summer because the similarities are undeniable.

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