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    10 Cool Tech Gadgets For Travel That You Can Purchase

    Travel can be a very stressful time. Here are some new gadgets that can help ease the transition.

    1. Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizer


    The steripod has been tested in labs and it has been proven to kill germs left on the toothbrush. It works on both regular and electric toothbrushes. Lasts 3 months before needing replacements.

    2. Travel Scrabble

    Restoration Hardware / Via

    Add some fun to a long trip. This travel scrabble board is great for flights or for car trips that everyone can enjoy.

    3. Crumpled City Maps


    Hate having to twist and fold your map and stuff it in your bag? Here is a brilliant map that can be crumpled and abused and still can show you where you are going.

    4. The Scrubba (portable washing machine)


    The Scrubba-The World's First Pocket Size Washing Machine

    According to its website, it is twice as effective as hand washing clothes

    5. Satechi USB Portable Amazing Humidifier


    Feeling gross and jet-lagged? This can be your friend as you settle into your hotel room for the week. And it can be used at home as well! According to it's Amazon page, the Satechi USB Portable Amazing Humidifier:

    -Provides relief to cold and flu symptoms, and adds moisture to air in the immediate area

    -Use with cold water as a mister during hot days

    -Use with liquid fragrances or oils as an aroma diffuser

    -Houses a soft, relaxing blue mood light

    -Powered by USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

    6. Stall Stopper™ Restroom Door Clip


    Nothing is more irritating than a bathroom stall door that won't close. This handy and genius invention slides onto the door to provide privacy that keeps your hands free. It works on most bathroom doors and versatile, as it works either direction

    7. The Hoodie Pillow


    Sleeping on a train or a plane can be difficult. This invention lets your rest your head while covering your face to keep the sun out.

    8. Reef "Stash" Sandal


    Going down to the hotel pool can become a game of chance with a hotel key, id, money, etc.. No one will know the wiser with this clever shoe-hide your valuables inside so you will never worry about theft or lost items.

    9. Trakdot Luggage Tracking System


    A traveler's worst nightmare is losing their luggage. This handy tracker uses cellular technology, not GPS, to report its location, even when it is inside metal containers.

    10. Travalo Perfume Holder


    Fragrances often come in large and breakable containers that are difficult to travel with. This TSA-approved device allows perfume to be carried on an airplane by creating a travel size amount. You pump your perfume into the device and it is full in seconds and can be refilled again and again.

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