7 Mythical Creatures That Would Make The Best Pets

Aren’t you just a little bit fed up with cats and dogs?

1. 1. A Dragon.

A. Dragon. This is pretty much the best pet you’ll ever have. They can fly and cook your meals. Sorted.

Didn’t you always want to be Khaleesi?

3. 2. This Miserable Looking Guy From Twilight

You could throw sticks for him and get all angsty.

5. 3. Mike Lebowski

Just look at this guy.

6. 4. A Unicorn

You could ride him back from the shops and hang your bags on the horn. Multipurpose pet.

8. 5. Pikachu

Look at him. Just LOOK.

He’s so cute, it’s SHOCKING. Sorry. Not sorry.

11. 6. Hellboy

More of a partner in crime to be honest…don’t call him a pet, whatever you do.

12. 7. A Gremlin

Actually, this probably isn’t the best idea, especially if you live somewhere where it rains a lot.

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