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    Posted on May 13, 2017

    21 Things All Neat Freaks Won't Admit They Actually Do

    *drunk vacuums*

    1. You clean when you're drunk.

    Twitter: @animecatzzz

    *sobers up*

    Who cleaned??

    2. You redo all the chores after your roommate "cleaned."

    There is no better way to describe the way I just walked in on my roommate mid-spring "clean" than this gif

    3. You admire all the hair you swept up and think about how you could turn it into a wig.


    I feel like I should donate all this?

    4. You thank your roommate for putting the silverware away and then go back and fix it later.

    5. You pretend you're being productive at work, but really you're just organizing your computer desktop.

    The recycle bin is your best friend.

    6. You spend DAYS cleaning before guests arrive, but act like you barely lifted a finger.

    7. You vacuum everything in sight, not just the rug.

    *vacuums shower*

    8. When an interviewer asks about your hobbies, your first thought is "organizing my pantry."

    9. You always tell yourself "I'll just clean out the fridge" and then spiral into a thousand other projects.


    I totally have time to wash the windows!!!

    10. Sometimes you clean to avoid your enormous to-do list (obviously you have one of those).

    11. And dance like you're backing up Beyoncé while you do.

    20th Century Fox

    12. You've seriously practiced folding a fitted sheet.

    13. You say "It's fine!" when someone apologizes for how messy their place is, but it's not.



    14. Which is why sometimes you just... find yourself cleaning someone else's home.

    15. And always offering up your place for the next hangout.


    16. You even clean your hotel room after housekeeping already came.

    Me walking barefoot in hotel rooms like... #germaphobe #wheresmyflipflops #vegas

    You do a little cleaning before housekeeping comes too, TBH.

    17. You refold shirts that other shoppers just TOSSED back on the pile at a store.

    Paramount Pictures


    18. But when the piles are perfectly symmetrical, you have to snap a quick pic.

    Except it's not quick because you have to make sure the pic is symmetrical too.

    19. You actually enjoy prepping for an exam because it means COLOR CODING.

    20. You alphabetize for pleasure.



    21. And you consider "neat freak" an actual compliment.

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