9 Practical Tips From My Therapist That I Actually Use Every Day

    This is like my mental health toolkit.

    In my final therapy session before I would move from Boston to New York, and after eight months of hard work sorting through my anxiety, my therapist said to me, "You have all the tools you need to nail this."

    "Do I???" I said, second guessing everything before I made the leap to a new city. But it's been almost two years since that last session — and she was right. Whenever I find myself feeling anxious, I recall a tip or mantra from our sessions that calms me down. They've become second nature at this point.

    Here are the tools I find most helpful on a daily basis:

    1. Talk to yourself like you would a friend.

    2. Say irrational thoughts out loud.

    3. Focus on your breathing.

    4. Learn to say no.

    5. Move your body when you're anxious.

    6. Recognize your triggers.

    7. Practice "child's pose."

    8. Replace "but" with "and."

    9. And remember that progress isn't linear.