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Y'all, This Water Bottle Is Identical To S'well And Half The Price

That stylish teakwood for so much less.

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By now, in this the year 2018, chances are you've seen your trendiest friend carrying a S'well bottle with them to work, the gym, or an artisanal-toast café.

These stainless steel bottles have become wildly popular for their sleek look, hip designs, and ability to hold hot and cold temperatures for hours upon hours.

Do they deserve the hype? Sure! But can we all afford to pay up to $45 for a water bottle? Unless you're SUPER committed to impressing your chic yogi friend Cleo who's had one since 2014, that's a hard no!

So, for those of us who want the style without the cost, I did some digging, and found a bottle that is both HALF THE PRICE and IDENTICAL to S'well.

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Seriously, y'all, I found the goods. And not just any goods, I found a cheaper, identical bottle with the iconic teakwood design. OK, let's get to it...



Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

TBH, if you can tell me which of these bottles is from S'well, you should never have to visit an eye doctor again. I hate the word "twinning," but this right here is pure, unadulterated twinning. My jaw dropped when I put these side by side.

The one on the left is from S'well for $35, and the one on the right is from Mira for $17.95!

I had never heard of Mira until now, but, uh, Amazon certainly had, where these bottles have more than 2,000 reviews and 4.5 stars., Koty / Via

When I read this promising, no-BS review, I knew I had to try this thing out:

"If you like cold water, get this. If you like your hot beverages staying hot, get this. If you don't care whether your water is room temperature, maybe just get a $2 water bottle. The bottle I purchased was also beautiful! The wood grain design is very chic, and I feel great taking the bottle with me everywhere." —Koty


Like S'well, Mira claims that its bottle will keep your beverages hot for 12 hours, so I performed an incredibly scientific experiment to test the heat: I poured some coffee in both and let them sit by a window overnight.

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

Rather than make my coffee in the morning like always, I decided to brew some the night before, giving both bottles some time to prove themselves while I slumbered. (Take note of that timestamp. I'm no scammer.)

Before I left for work the next morning, I sipped from both, and just like S'well, the coffee in the Mira bottle was still ~STEAMY~ a little more than 12 hours later!

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

I even got the receipts in the form of actual steam on my actual glasses! (And, again, take note of the timestamp.) (Also, this has nothing to do with these bottles, but take note of my corgi calendar too.)

I've learned to be pretty suspicious of most things in this life, especially considering there's an FBI agent watching me through my webcam right now as I write this, but my doubts about the abilities of this Mira bottle totally vanished when I woke up to hot coffee in the morning. It also saved me time before work since I didn't have to make a new pot!

Mirroring S'well once again, Mira claims that its bottle will keep drinks cold for a whopping 24 hours — which even raised the eyebrow on my webcam FBI agent — and it got the job done there, too!

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

I will say that it's tough to fit ice cubes through the mouth of both of these bottles unless the cubes are pretty small, but if you just fill them with super-cold water, that'll do the trick. I let the Mira bottle sit out on my kitchen windowsill, at my desk, and in my backpack (where it fit perfectly in the lil' side pocket and didn't sweat, so nothing got wet), and after a full day, the water was still chilly. Don't believe me?? Just listen to this Amazon user's tale:

"This thing keeps my drinks intensely cold. I was out showing a house (real estate agent) and left it in the car while I walked the place with my clients. Came back out an hour later to the 95-degree weather and just knew it would be warm since the inside of the vehicle was burning up. I popped the lid and it was like liquid ice. No joke. And I hadn't even added ice." —David Banker

And if you're wondering how to clean it, you can just use a bottle brush!

DOUG G / Via

You have to scrub all the way to the bottom of the bottle, or else all kinds of grime could build up in the dampness over time. The long handle of a bottle brush makes it super-easy to reach down there. Get one from Amazon for $4.99.

So, there you have it! I won't deny that carrying a S'well bottle feels ~cool~ since it's become a kind of status symbol — but if you're on a budget and want something basically identical, Mira's bottle is your answer, folks.

Nickelodeon / Via

Get a Mira bottle from Amazon for $17.95 (available in two sizes and 20 colors). And grab a bottle brush from Amazon for $4.99.