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I Just Discovered The Truth About Carrots And I'll Never Trust My Parents Again


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To prevent the Germans from executing their nighttime airstrikes, the British government issued nationwide blackouts to blind them — and developed a secret radar technology to help the Royal Air Force (RAF) spy on their enemies at night.

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The RAF began using on-board Airborne Interception Radar in 1939, which enabled them to spot enemy bombers before they reached the English Channel.

But the government obviously didn’t want anyone discovering and copying this new radar technology, so they launched a campaign that attributed their pilots’ newfound night vision to their high-carrot diets.

National Archives and Records Administration / Via

If a British pilot was particularly successful at night kills, the Ministry would tell newspapers it was because he ate a lot of carrots.

Also! The Germans stopped supplying Britain with resources like sugar and butter during the war, so the British Food Ministry told citizens to self-sustain with homegrown "victory gardens" and use surplus foods, like carrots, as alternative sweeteners in their desserts.

@jocki84 / Via Flickr: jocki84

^Meet Potato Pete and Dr. Carrot, the faces of Britain's widespread Dig For Victory campaign that encouraged people to eat more vegetables and also fueled their nightmares.

So, did the Germans actually fall for this propaganda? Unfortunately, no one has any hard proof of that, but there are tales that they did start feeding their pilots more carrots. Either way, the carrot was a war hero.

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Honestly, I love imagining Nazis furiously guzzling carrot soup to fix their eyesight and literally nothing happening.