19 People Share What It Actually Takes To Stay Married

    Take it from the pros. H/T Quora.

    1. Keep dating each other.

    2. Don't just love them — like them.

    3. Go bungee-jumping.

    4. Know that there's more to learn about each other.

    5. Crack plenty of jokes.

    6. Have and hold.

    7. Your partner can't read your mind.

    8. Ego is a murderer.

    9. It's never you vs. your partner.

    10. Answer this simple question every morning.

    11. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    12. You have to need each other.

    13. Be resilient.

    14. Validation is key.

    15. Think before you speak.

    16. Please stop saying, "Let me ask my wife."

    17. Commitment, commitment, commitment.

    18. Stop arguing about the same sh*t.

    19. It's you two against the world.