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    17 Quick And Easy Vegan Dinners That'll Fill You Up

    Only have an hour (or less) to spare? These vegan meals have you covered.

    1. Creamy Mushroom Risotto

    A rich, creamy bowl of risotto equals instant coziness — and you don't even need cheese to achieve this luscious texture and flavor. Get the recipe here.

    2. Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

    Who says a quick weeknight dinner can't be decadent? This fettuccine with cauliflower Alfredo sauce comes together in just 30 minutes. Get the recipe here.

    3. Quick Harissa Lentils with Roast Squash and Tahini Dressing

    Between the roasted squash, Harissa paste, and toasted pine nuts, there are layers upon layers of rustic flavors in this surprisingly easy dish. It looks beautiful as heck, too. Get the recipe here.

    4. Easy Vegan Fried Rice

    This gorgeous fried rice is loaded with vegetables, crispy tofu, and flavor, but only requires 10 ingredients. A short grocery list for a protein-packed dish? Yes, please. Get the recipe here.

    5. Vegan Bolognese

    Wholemeal pasta, lentils, and walnuts provide the protein, while sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and basil provide the flavor. Now, that's what I call teamwork — and a hearty bolognese. Get the recipe here.

    6. Cauliflower Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    Baked sweet potatoes with the creamy miso-cauliflower cheese?? Hellooo, new favorite comfort food. Get the recipe here.

    7. Vegan Rainbow Tacos

    Taco Tuesday will never be the same once you start making this easy tacos that are loaded with turmeric quinoa, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, green onion, chickpeas, cilantro, avocados, and a garlic tahini dressing. Talk about tasting the rainbow. Get the recipe here.

    8. Chickpeas in Spicy Smoked Tomato Sauce with Penne

    You'll want to eat this smoked tomato sauce on its own by the spoonful. Seriously. But if you happen to remember to throw in some penne, get ready for a dinner that's equal parts quick and scrumptious. Get the recipe here.

    9. Vegan Lentil Loaf

    This cozy, subtly sweet dish miiiiight just give your mom's classic meatloaf a run for its money. (Don't tell her I said that.) Get the recipe here.

    10. Carrot and Ginger Soup

    The next time you need a warm bowl of soup to comfort you, go for this one. The combination of ginger, turmeric, and carrots makes for a truly nourishing dinner that only takes a half hour to make. Get the recipe here.

    11. Vegan Buddha Bowl

    Could this bowl be prettier?? Sheesh. Look at that fluffy quinoa! Those crispy spiced chickpeas! The fresh mixed greens! Oh, and don't forget the red pepper sauce on top. Get the recipe here.

    12. 10-Minute Creamy Vegan Bean and Aubergine Casserole

    Have a large frying pan? Have 10 minutes to spare? Why not make yourself this delicious casserole for dinner this week? Once you chop and sautée the eggplant, all you have to do is stir in the mixings, which include chickpeas, tomatoes, paprika, and tahini. YUM. Get the recipe here.

    13. Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Wraps

    One bite is all it takes to fall in love with these wraps, which are stuffed with roasted buffalo cauliflower bites, kale, cucumber, carrot, avocado and a tangy vegan ranch dressing. You can easily make them gluten-free, too, with the right tortillas. Get the recipe here.

    14. Vegan Pho

    Vegan pho. In under 40 minutes. In your own kitchen. This is not a drill. Get the recipe here.

    15. Zucchini Bell Pepper Tofu Quiche

    This vegan, gluten-free quiche is baked to perfection with zucchini, red bell pepper, onion, and plenty of seasonings, including a tahini paste. Talk about a crowd-pleaser. Get the recipe here.

    16. Vegan Thai Lemongrass Coconut Curry Soup

    This dish may involve tons of fresh ingredients, but don't be fooled: The recipe is super-simple to put together. In just 30 minutes, you'll have a bowl brimming with your favorite Thai flavors. Get the recipe here.

    17. One-Pan Vegan Sunday Roast

    Is there anything better than a hearty roast on a chilly Sunday? This tofu take is chopped, seasoned, tossed, glazed, and coated in one pan, in one hour. Go ahead and double it for a lil' weekend gathering of friends. Get the recipe here.

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