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    17 Impossibly Gorgeous Neutral Nurseries

    Neutrals, baby.

    1. This calming room would make any baby feel warm and welcome in the world.

    2. A basket full o' stuffed cuddle buddies? Check.

    Emma Comesotti / Via

    3. This coastal scheme is almost impossibly relaxing.

    4. Wake up every morning to a trio of beautiful botanical watercolors? Yes, please.

    5. This bright room feels oh-so-soft and gentle.

    6. OK, I'm a little obsessed with this tree mural.

    7. OK, and these cacti.

    @allielindseyphotography / Via

    8. I can't decide what's cuter here — the rattan rocking horse or the baby rhino print!

    9. Check out these clean and cozy Scandinavian vibes.

    10. Say hello to this perfectly boho-chic nursery.

    11. Any lil' critter would feel at home in this woodland wonderland.

    12. This room would have your baby dreaming of majestic mountain adventures.

    13. I'd happily sleep in a crib just to have this as my bedroom.

    @lexigracedesign / Via

    14. I'd live in this one, too, let's be real.

    15. Who wouldn't want to nap in this comfy room?!

    Tarina Lyell / Via


    17. BRB gotta go yell at my parents for not giving me a monochrome nursery when I was an infant — bye!

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