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I Tried The Underwear That's All Over Instagram To See If It's Actually Legit

"Softer-than-soft" is a pretty ~ballsy~ claim, so I decided to investigate.

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If you're like me, you've seen the same couple wearing matching pizza underwear from MeUndies on Instagram a thousand times — and then your stomach grumbled and you felt kinda weird about it.

Well, the ~cheeky~ ads from the LA-based company, founded in December 2011, have been popping up all over social media and on just about every podcast there is (I can't read the name "MeUndies" without hearing Marc Maron's voice), promoting the brand's "softer-than-soft" undies.

MeUndies says that it uses a sustainable, eco-friendly fiber that comes from Austrian beech trees for its underwear. The fiber supposedly fights odor and creates a silky-smooth fabric. I'm no botanist, but that all sounds swell!

The brand's photos are also refreshingly diverse, especially for underwear ads — same-sex couples, people of color, and a range of body types are featured.

MeUndies also launched an exclusive line for Pride Month that benefited the Los Angeles LGBT Center, featuring advocates like Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy and bounce musician Big Freedia. And now it's collaborating with iconic streetwear brand, Cross Colours, to create a new line called Clothing Without Prejudice.


I was sold on the inclusivity, but each pair is $20, soooo.


Normally, I purchase my undergarments from Uniqlo because of their sleek fabric and stylish prints. And, like every man on the planet, I have some basic backups from Hanes, too. Uniqlo's standard price is $5.90 per pair, and we all know you can get about 8,000 pairs of Hanes for approximately 25 cents. (OK, it's actually $15 for a seven-pack.)

For my detective work, I bought a pair of each of MeUndies' signature men's styles: boxer briefs, trunks, boxers, and briefs.

There are women's styles, too, but I'll let y'all test those out for yourselves. Don't worry: The men's and women's styles are all made with the same fabric and come in the same prints and colors.


1. They're actually SO freakin' comfy.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

I forgot I was wearing underwear, TBH. MeUndies isn't lying when it describes its underwear as "smooth and supple." Seriously, the word "supple" makes me gag and I'm even willing to use it here. I never felt them riding up, and the waistband is super-soft, so it didn't dig into my skin. Usually when I get home from work, I'm itching (sometimes literally) to pull off my underwear and throw on sweatpants — but not with these. I didn't mind lounging on the couch in them.


2. Never underestimate the power of a cute pattern (like the one I'm ~modeling~ here).

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

When I did remember I was wearing underwear, I thought about how cute they were and it brought a lil' smile to my face, especially the '90s pattern that reminded me of Saved by the Bell. I wanted to show 'em off more than my standard pairs. Turns out, finding underwear that makes you feel good is an easy way to boost your mood and your confidence.

3. All of the cuts fit perfectly, particularly in the 🍑.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

If you prefer a looser, more forgiving fit, definitely size up. I sized down, because I straddle the line between a 31- and 32-inch waist, and they were snug. (The website has a chart to help you figure all that out.) That figure-hugging fit made me feel pretty sexy — way more than Hanes ever has. The briefs accentuated all the right parts. 😉

4. There isn't a fly.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

I'm pretty indifferent when it comes to underwear with flies, but this is worth noting, because some people really prefer one. If you MUST have a fly when you pee standing up, go for the boxers, the only pair that has one. (And fear not: MeUndies plans to introduce fly options in the near future.)

5. The undies are fairly breathable, but TBH, I've never found underwear that can repel swamp ass, including these.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Granted, I tested MeUndies out in the middle of a sticky New York City summer, but they weren't quite as ~airy~ as the website made them seem. If they reduced sweating, it was only minimal. But that magical beech tree fiber did keep them smelling fresher than my other pairs.


6. It was actually fun matching with my boyfriend — like all of the couples on MeUndies' Instagram.

Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

It felt good to, well, feel good together. And if nothing else, dancing around our bedroom in identical boxer briefs made us laugh. There's something about matching your significant other that's inherently silly, and when you do it with underwear, it's doubly so. The website even has a feature to help you pick out matching pairs.

So, should you buy them?

^That's a Y for yes! I certainly won't be dropping $20 every time I need a new pair of underwear (Uniqlo and Hanes still get the job done on a budget), but having a handful of these cool and comfy undies is a solid move.

They're worth it if...

• You don't mind spending a lil' extra on underwear that feels fun or sexy.

• You've been on the hunt for some supremely soft pairs.

• You want to support an inclusive, eco-friendly brand.

• You and your significant other are cute AF and need a new Instagram op.

They're not worth it if...

• You DGAF about underwear.

• You demand a fly.

• Your main issue is swamp ass.

• You can't justify paying $20/pair.


Get men's styles starting at $20 and women's styles starting at $16 on the MeUndies website.

That's all, folks. Got another trend or product you want us to try before you drop some cash on it? Let us know in the comments!