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A Beginner's Guide To Composting

Keep it ~green~ in 2018.

Buckle up, y'all, because I'm about to hit ya with some sizzlin' stats: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that food scraps and yard waste currently make up 20-30% of what we throw away — and could be composted instead of piling up at a landfill.

If you're curious about composting, but have questions like, WTF is it? How is it different from recycling? And Do I need to own several cows to do it? I'm here to help.

1. OK, so, WTF is it?

2. And what are the benefits?

3. What should I add to my compost pile? Can you break it down for me? (LOL get it?)

Here's a full list of everything you can toss on your compost pile:

• Fruits and vegetables

• Eggshells

• Coffee grounds and filters

• Tea bags

• Nut shells

• Shredded newspaper

• Cardboard

• Paper

• Yard trimmings

• Grass clippings

• Houseplants

• Hay and straw

• Leaves

• Sawdust

• Wood chips

• Cotton and wool rags

• Dryer and vacuum cleaner lint

• Hair and fur

• Fireplace ashes

4. So, is this even for me?

5. Tell me about composting outside!

6. What if I want to do an indoor compost thang?

And, listen — this is a beginner's guide, so let's not get crazy, BUT if you're interested in making your own composting system indoors — instead of going to a collection site — you can do that too:

That's all, folks! Once you get into the habit of composting, it really will become as routine as taking out your trash and recycling. Plus, you'll feel like a freakin' hero.

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