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What's The Juiciest Summer Fling You've Ever Had?


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We've all swooned over a ~steamy~ summer romance on the big screen.

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But have you ever had one in real life?


Maybe you met someone while you were on vacation and plunged into a hot and heavy relationship — until, tragically, they moved away at the end of the summer.


Or you snuck around with someone at your summer camp, making out on the dock of the lake in moonlight, or in the shed where they kept the canoes.

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Or, perhaps, you hooked up with a coworker at your summer job.

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Were you lifeguards? Carnival workers? Waiters? What was it like??

Does any of this sound familiar? We want to hear all the hot goss.


Share your steamy summer romance story with us and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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