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    16 Ways To Upcycle The Stuff In Your Junk Drawer You Thought You Didn't Need

    One person's binder clip is another person's razor cover.

    Does this junk drawer look familiar?

    Johnrob / Getty Images

    This photo just dragged me, TBH.

    If so, you could make ~upcycling~ your spring cleaning project this year, and transform all of those items you forgot you even owned into clever home hacks! Like so:

    1. Turn extra binder clips into safety covers for razors.

    This hack is especially helpful when packing your razors for a trip.

    2. Or, turn them into bottle organizers in your fridge.

    Flickr: muteboy

    Just clip them to the rack on either side of your pyramid of bottles and BOOM: they'll stay neatly in place and free up some fridge real estate.

    3. Use some Legos you didn't even realize you had as cute lil' charger and key holders.

    Put some double-sided tape on a Lego and stick it to a desk, side table, or any surface where you'd like to organize your chargers or keys.

    4. We all have extra chopsticks from Chinese takeout lying around — transform them into a chic toilet paper holder.

    I can't get over how modern this looks and it's literally just...chopsticks and string. The power of upcycling, y'all. Here are the directions.

    5. Have a random jar? What about some matches? Get 'em out of that junk drawer and display them beautifully!

    I don't even need to give you a tutorial for this!!!

    6. If you're practically drowning in old buttons, turn 'em into cute lil' magnets.

    Flickr: mikaela_d

    All you have to do is put some peel-and-stick magnets on the back and voilà!

    7. Clip those shower rings you thought you might need again one day (???) onto a hanger for extra tie, belt, or scarf storage.

    This is way better than just flinging your ties over a hanger and watching them slip off into the abyss that is your closet floor.

    8. Paint those mini-golf balls you felt were sentimental (why are we like this?) as ladybugs and perk up your garden.

    TOO CUTE. And super-easy to make.

    9. Oh, and those mini-golf (or IKEA) pencils you saved? Glue them together to hold, well, more pencils.

    Pencil inception, amirite? Check out the tutorial.

    10. Do the same with a spare tin can — all it needs is a paint job to become a chic pencil or cosmetics holder.

    Spray paint will certainly do the trick, but you have plenty of acrylic paint projects at your fingertips, too.

    11. I know you were also feeling sentimental about all those wine corks, but you could turn them into adorable coasters.

    OK, OK, you don't have to use the one from your six-month anniversary dinner with your boyfriend. Here's the tutorial.

    12. Why do we hold onto old light bulbs?? At any rate, transform them into cute vases.

    It's simpler than you think. Watch the tutorial.

    13. Too many grocery bags to carry? Hook one of the thousand carabiners you've manage to collect around the bags' handles, and make one trip.

    Why make three trips when you can carry it all at once like a freakin' superhero?

    14. Use those extra Command hooks to keep your trash bag from falling in on itself.

    Stick them to the sides of the bin upside down, and place the handles of the trash bag around them. No more annoying trash implosions.

    15. Repurpose that spare pill organizer as jewelry storage.

    Buh-bye, tangled jewelry in your suitcase and dresser.

    16. And make a tiny sewing kit out of a random Altoids tin you couldn't bear to throw away.

    Flickr: debrisdesign

    It's incredibly handy to have in your purse, tote bag, or suitcase — just in case you have any unexpected tears. Here are the instructions.

    Say goodbye to this:

    FOX / Via

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