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    Got A Bunch Of Holiday Cards? Don't Throw Them In The Trash

    Before you trash your greeting cards, check out these greener options.

    Before you throw out all of the holiday cards you got from your aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, and that piano teacher you stopped taking lessons with in 2002, consider recycling or donating them!

    As long as the card and envelope are made of plain paper — that includes heavy card stock and shiny paper — you can recycle them.

    You can also donate them to organizations like St. Jude's Ranch for Children, where they'll be given to kids to enjoy and craft into something new.

    Feelin' crafty? You could repurpose the cards by removing their front covers and transforming them into new cards or cute gift tags.

    Or, if you're someone who can't bear the idea of parting with your cards, you can organize them in a beautiful binder.

    Whatever you decide to do with your cards, make like a Christmas tree and ~keep it green~.

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