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    If You Drink Any Kind Of Liquid At Your Desk, You Should Buy This Tumbler

    Buh-bye, gross coffee.

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    Real talk: Is there anything grosser than forgetting you have a cup of coffee at your desk, finally taking a sip, and then flooding your mouth with what is essentially cold bean soup?


    The definitive answer is: NAH. The same goes for lukewarm water. And tea. And any matter that takes liquid form.

    If you're trying to keep your water cold all day or your coffee hot all morning, you'd be wise to buy this 30-ounce, stainless-steel RTIC tumbler that 11,000 Amazon customers have tested and love!

    RTIC / Amazon / Via


    ELEVEN THOUSAND. A whopping 81% of the reviews are 5-star.

    Amazon / Via

    And friends, it only costs $16.

    When I say that these customers have "tested" this thing, I really mean it. They've put this tumbler under intense scrutiny to see how it holds up against temperature changes and long periods of time.

    J. Puckett / Amazon User / Via

    "I loaded the cup up with ice and no water at 8:30 at night. I left it with straw in on the counter overnight. Then the next morning at 5:30, I estimated 90% of the ice was still in the cup. I then filled the cup with ice and tap water and put it in my car. It stayed in the car all day until 3:30 when the temperature showed 99 degrees Fahrenheit. That's 10 hours in the car, which easily was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for five or more of those hours. And inside there was about one-third of the ice left. Check it out. Totally worth it." โ€”J. Puckett

    I know what you're thinking: "Tom, stop with this tomfoolery, Yeti is the better brand by FAR." First, thank you for that excellent pun, and second, according to a number of reviewers who compared the two, RTIC works just as well as Yeti at half the price.

    Caron Schlutz / Amazon User / Via

    "I have been looking for something I could use to keep my water cold throughout the day and I knew everyone had the Yeti, which I heard works well. I was searching Amazon and came across the RTIC Tumbler, which was half of the price of a Yeti. I put ice and water in the tumbler and drank it throughout the day. After refilling with only more water at the end of the day I still had a good amount of ice left. This is what I was looking for and it does the job perfectly." โ€”Chris

    Guys, this is Chris's Amazon profile picture. You can trust him.

    Chris / Amazon User / Via


    One customer even accidentally tossed hers overboard on a high-speed golf cart (these reviews are lit, y'all) and it withstood the impact. This tumbler is sturdy AF.


    "I will say that this cup is rugged! I was cruising in the golf cart at a pretty decent speed, hit a bump and this cup went tumbling out onto the pavement. I was sure it would have cracked or gotten banged up because it rolled a bit and stopped when it hit the rocks on the side of the road, but it is SOLID! I don't even see a scratch on it!" โ€”Anne

    Plus, "it doesn't get cold on your hands holding it, so there is no need for a cup holder device to insulate your hands from the metal cup, and it does not sweat, so no coaster is needed."

    Dsosa / Amazon User / Via, Amy / Amazon User / Via

    So says Amazon customer 1983.

    And, guys, this is 1983's profile picture, so.

    1983 / Amazon User / Via


    Whether you're looking for something to keep your drink hot or cold on your commute, at your desk, at a sporting event, or somewhere that's your business and not mine, treat yourself to this tumbler.


    Get it from Amazon for $16 or from Jet for $20.99.

    Amazon reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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