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    17 Camping Photos That Are Almost Too Dreamy To Be Real

    BRB packing my duffle.

    1. This symmetrical setup I'd happily live in full-time.

    @fursty / Via

    2. This tent with a front-row seat to a spectacular sunset.

    @glitchlov3 / Via

    3. This stunning spot with a mug that says it all.

    @angelaliggs / Via

    4. This majestic view that's leaving me speechless.

    @alphawanderlust / Via

    5. This glorious setup that lets the sky take center stage.

    @d.r.e.w.b.y / Via

    6. This cozy camping nook that would melt all your problems away, along with some marshmallows.

    @matttothemiller / Via

    7. This secluded space where you could ~hang out~ in peace.

    Richard Kelly / Via

    8. This waterside spot that would refresh and rejuvenate you.

    @mikeseehagel / Via

    9. This glowing abode with shooting stars aplenty.

    @kaminskiphotography / Via

    10. This winter wonderland where your pup could roam free.

    @domcarson / Via

    11. This dreamy desert setting where you could have the best heart-to-hearts.

    @julesville_ / Via

    12. This magical moment you'd want to hold onto forever.

    @matttothemiller / Via

    13. This breathtaking spot where you'd basically become one with the mountains.

    @angelaliggs / Via

    14. This handsome landscape that would make you feel like the ultimate explorer.

    @d.r.e.w.b.y / Via

    15. This campsite that's as cute as can be.

    @domcarson / Via

    16. This vista that proves camp life is the good life.

    @kaminskiphotography / Via

    17. And this nighttime expanse that makes me feel infinite.

    @ajwells / Via