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    10 Awesome Candles Under $25 That Guys Will Actually Want To Burn

    Gender is a social construct, but, like, the "Smell My Nuts" candle is great, TBH.

    Dudes, it's 2017. Men are wearing rompers now. There's literally no reason you can't burn a nice scented candle that'll make your home smell awesome and help you relax during these maddening times.

    If you kinda want to join the candle club but you're totally in the dark (pun 100% intended) about which ones are ~masculine~, won't break the bank, and will get rid of that stench you've been noticing more and more at your place, I'm here to help.

    1. This Yankee candle that smells as sleek as it looks.

    2. This extremely hip candle that's designed to look like those iconic "Barbicide" jars in barber shops.

    3. This Mrs. Meyers candle that makes my place smell like I just cleaned it even if it's been months since I touched a Swiffer.

    4. This three-pack of candles that smells just sweet enough to kill any rank bathroom odors.

    5. This mahogany candle that captures what I imagine Armie Hammer smells like.

    6. This tobacco and patchouli candle that transports anyone who burns it to a majestic forest.

    7. This caramel apple candle that I burn (and try to eat) practically every day at my apartment.

    8. This spiced blackberry candle that makes me feel safe and warm even on the coldest winter day.

    9. This banana nut bread candle that screams, "I AM MAN. SMELL MY NUTS."

    10. And this bacon and bourbon candle that combines two of life's greatest scents, TBH.

    Enjoy your newfound candle obsession, fellas.

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