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    17 Things You Can't Get Away With When You Live With Your S.O.


    1. Blaming dirty dishes on somebody else.

    2. Watching the next episode of your show without them.

    3. Saying you ~woke up like this~.

    4. Pretending you didn't leave the bathroom smelling like a barnyard.

    5. Deciding what to have for dinner without launching a full-blown summit.

    6. Avoiding them when you're pissed.

    7. Leaving your crap all over the place.

    8. Operating on your own time.

    9. Being "busy" when their parents are in town.

    10. Not dishing on the latest work gossip when you get home.

    11. Not contracting whatever illness they have.

    12. Pretending you want to go out on a Friday night.

    13. Wearing a real outfit without being asked, "Why are you so dressed up?"

    14. Keeping literally any food to yourself.

    15. Expecting their disgusting habits to disappear.

    16. Escaping their Richter-scale snoring.

    17. And finally, acting like you're not completely, 100% attached.