17 Charts For People Who Love Plants But Can't Keep Anything Alive

    You'll be a pro in no time.

    1. First things first — use this chart to plan the layout of your garden:

    2. And if you're planting a succulent garden — voilà:

    3. Here's which flowers look best in bouquets:

    4. If you're putting them in a vase, here's how to cut them properly:

    5. Once they're in the vase, here's how to help them live longer:

    6. More of a veggie person? Here's what you can grow in shade:

    7. And here's how to figure out which veggie is right for you:

    8. Once you've decided, here's how to (literally) support them:

    9. FYI, these veggies are besties:

    10. Oh, and don't freak out if your plants turn yellow — just look at this explainer:

    11. Check this one out if your plants are showing other funky symptoms:

    12. These plants are the heroes we all deserve when it comes to bugs:

    13. Speaking of bugs, here are the ones you do and don't want in your garden:

    14. This chart will help you grow herbs like a pro:

    15. And this one tells how much sunlight your flowers actually need:

    16. Do you even mulch, brah? If not, here you go:

    17. And if all of that is just too complicated, here are some plants even you can't kill: