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    20 Moments You'll Only Get If You're Chronically Late

    Three minutes to shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed? No problem.

    1. When you're still in your pajamas and only have three minutes until you have to leave, but you're like "it's fine."

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    2. When you miss the subway/bus by a fraction of a second, and know that you would've been on time if you hadn't.

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    3. Or that glorious moment when you catch the subway/bus just in the nick of time and aren't late to work (for once).

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    4. When you woke up on time, but the forces of nature seem to be doing everything in their power to prevent you from being on time.

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    5. Or when you woke up late, but the forces of nature have decided to work with you today, so you make it to that coffee meeting on time.

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    6. When you finally show up at the bar half an hour late and your friend glares at you like you've betrayed them more than their cheating ex.

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    7. When you're in a job interview and punctuality comes up.

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    8. When you tell someone you're almost there, when in fact you're still home.

    9. When you wait until you're outside to take a call just so that there's noise in the background.

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    10. When you try to discretely enter the classroom twenty minutes after class has begun.

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    11. When you swear that this time you'll be on time, but then you still get there late.

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    12. When you're so late you decide it's not even worth bothering to show up at all at this point.

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    13. When you try to explain to a punctual person that you don't do it on purpose.

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    14. When you get there early for once.


    This is the stuff that champions are made of.

    15. When you get there first and have to wait, because your friends know you too damn well and so they lied to you about the meet-up time.

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    16. When you frantically scramble to get ready because you know you have to leave right that second.


    17. When you're able to come up with an excuse on the spot to justify being late.

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    18. When there's a traffic jam and hopelessness begins to overcome you.

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    19. When the train actually broke down this time, but you used that excuse last week and now nobody believes you.

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    20. And when you accept the fact that you'll always be late, because it's in your blood, and can finally be at peace with yourself.

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    Even if others will never accept you for who you are.

    This post was translated from French.

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