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Which Trump Child Are You?

Question 1: How much gold do you like?

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  2. Go for a run, send some emails, riff on my core values
    Have a casual sit down in the woods
    A bit of quiet cackling
    Anything to get away from my family
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  4. The center of attention
    With some friends in the kitchen, avoiding everybody else
    Hanging with my bros and totally pranking Corey
    Hitting up some business contacts
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  6. Tverskoy
    The Kremlin
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  8. We're...not very close tbh
    He drives me mad sometimes, but family is family
    He's my hero and I'd do anything for him
    One day, all this will be mine
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Which Trump Child Are You?

You got: Tiffany Trump

While everybody else around you is getting involved in ~drama~, you're just focusing on living your life. You prefer it that way – even if sometimes you worry that people have forgotten you exist. But don't stress – you're just doing you!

Tiffany Trump
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images
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You got: Donald Trump Jr.

You're proud of being the kind of person who gets things done: You're a man of action who goes with his gut. You'll go into battle with anybody who talks down your family, and you won't bother with dumb nerd stuff like "thinking things through." But this doesn't mean you don't know how to enjoy yourself! You like nothing better than winding down with a nice relaxing hunt, or sitting on a log in the woods just like regular people do.

Donald Trump Jr.
Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images
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You got: Eric Trump

You're the kind of person who plays to win...and you don't mind playing the long game. You'll get what you want eventually, and while everybody else is running around trying to be the center of attention, you're busy planning your next move.

Eric Trump
Joe Raedle / Getty Images
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You got: Ivanka Trump

You know what you want out of life: the very best. You want the finest things in life, you want influence, you want respect, and you want a strong personal brand. Sometimes it hurts you when your old friends look down on you for your choices, but what do they know about loyalty? And where are they now? Are they sitting in the president's chair at the G20? No they are not. Losers.

Ivanka Trump
Sean Gallup/Getty Images
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