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    Watch All London's Buses Travelling In Real Time

    This is oddly hypnotic.

    The live London bus map lets you look at where every bus on any route is right now. It's very cool.

    The red dots are buses, the yellow dots are stops. (That's the number 94 going through central London.)

    It was made by Matthew Somerville - following on from his real time maps for both the London Underground and national rail services.

    It may confirm all your suspicions about London buses.

    That's the 73, which is notorious for triple-bussing.

    Also sometimes there are slight glitches that lead to buses taking quite alarming shortcuts.

    The buses move in straight lines between stops, rather than following the road map, so occasional gremlins can send, for example, the D7 crashing through a load of houses in Milwall.

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