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25 Things That Will Definitely Happen In The General Election Campaign

Will there be a serious, detailed discussion of important policy issues? Hahahaha, LOL, nope.

1. While out canvassing, a senior politician will be photographed standing next to a sign in such a way that it looks like it says something rude.

Google Maps/Peter Nicholls/The Times/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

2. A tabloid newspaper will photoshop Ed Miliband’s face on to a vegetable of some kind.

Nick Ansell/PA Images/Stockbyte/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

3. Sales of hard hats will go through the roof.

Tim Ireland/PA Images
Peter Byrne/PA Images
Owen Humphreys/PA Images

4. An actor used in a party political broadcast will turn out to support a different party.

Daily Telegraph/Thomas Northcut/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

5. A campaign battlebus will park in a disabled space and everyone will flip out.

Chris Radburn/PA Images/4nadia/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

6. A UKIP candidate will say something ridiculous and be forced to resign.

The Guardian/NADOFOTOS/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

7. A member of the public will make a rude gesture behind a politician.

Domnic Lipinski/PA Images/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

8. It will then become front-page news.

The Sun/Domnic Lipinski/PA Images/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

9. The member of the public will become a minor celebrity overnight.

Mirror/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

10. Someone will start a Twitter "parody account" for the person who made the gesture. It will quickly run out of jokes.

Andrew Milligan/Dominic Lipinski/PA Images/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

11. But then it'll turn out that the member of the public has some skeletons in their closet, which quickly get found out and published to the whole world.

Huffington Post/tortoon/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

12. In the face of all the media attention, the member of the public will eventually lose it and punch a photographer.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Images/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

13. A UKIP candidate will say something ridiculous and be forced to resign.

The Times/Scott Griessel/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

14. A senior politician, not realising there's a microphone on, will be recorded insulting an angry member of the public.

The Guardian/Anthony Devlin/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

15. The BBC will be accused of being too right-wing.

Lynne Cameron/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

16. The BBC will be accused of being too left-wing.

Lynne Cameron/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

17. A UKIP candidate will say something ridiculous and be forced to resign.

The Independent/Alina Solovyova-Vincent/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

18. There will be endless thinkpieces about how this is the "first social media election", even though everyone said that last time.

Guardian/Telegraph/Times/Independent/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

19. There will be so many terrible, terrible hashtags promoted by all the main parties.

Ed Miliband/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Nigel Farage/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Natalie Bennett/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Nick Clegg/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed
Rui Vieira/PA Images/George Osborne/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

20. And activist hashtags filled with dubious statistics will be all over the internet.

Ian Nicholson/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

21. Of course, there'll still be leaflets with dubious statistics as well.

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

22. A senior politician will visit a school, will be asked to do simple maths on the spot, and will fail.

Lefteris Pitarakis/PA Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

23. Somehow, you just know Russell Brand will be everywhere.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Images/Frazer Harrison / Getty Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed


Stefan Rousseau/PA Images/FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP / Getty Images/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

25. And then a UKIP candidate will say something ridiculous and be forced to resign.

Daily Telegraph/Oinegue/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

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