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25 Things That Will Definitely Happen In The General Election Campaign

Will there be a serious, detailed discussion of important policy issues? Hahahaha, LOL, nope.

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1. While out canvassing, a senior politician will be photographed standing next to a sign in such a way that it looks like it says something rude.

10. Someone will start a Twitter "parody account" for the person who made the gesture. It will quickly run out of jokes.

Andrew Milligan/Dominic Lipinski/PA Images/JanMika/Thinkstock/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

11. But then it'll turn out that the member of the public has some skeletons in their closet, which quickly get found out and published to the whole world.

12. In the face of all the media attention, the member of the public will eventually lose it and punch a photographer.

14. A senior politician, not realising there's a microphone on, will be recorded insulting an angry member of the public.

18. There will be endless thinkpieces about how this is the "first social media election", even though everyone said that last time.

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