The 4 Most Important GIFs Of Godfrey Bloom Hitting A Reporter With A Brochure

Ukip MEP is very angry about racism.

1. Channel 4 News correspondent Michael Crick got into a bit of an argument with UK Indpendence Party MEP Godfrey Bloom today.

Crick wanted to ask him why the brochure for his party’s conference - currently taking place in Westminster - didn’t have any non-white faces on it.

2. This made Mr. Bloom very angry. He pointed out that noting the colour of people’s skin was racist.

3. He executed an almost flawless barge-past-the-reporter-and-storm-off manoeuvre.

4. He was very insistent that Michael Crick is a racist.

5. Then he hit Crick over the head with the brochure.

Textbook stuff.

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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