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    The 19 Most Realistic Things About The 'London Underground Simulator' Computer Game

    Uncannily like the real-life Tube.

    The London Underground Simulator: a real thing which exists.

    1. It features a realistic driver's cab.

    2. Beautifully rendered, true-to-life station environments.

    3. Carriages full of blank-faced people not talking to each other.

    4. Authentic train control system.

    5. The experience of running for a train then watching it pull out just as you get to the platform.

    6. Working points system.

    7. Tunnels. Lots of tunnels. So. Many. Tunnels.

    8. Looking at a tube map in confusion trying to work out where to go.

    9. That game where you try and run from one carriage to the next while the train's at a station.

    10. True-to-life shambling zombie commuters.

    11. Ability to dash around pretending you're in a Bond movie or something, ignoring the fact that actually your life is pretty dull.

    12. The experience of suddenly finding yourself clinging to the front of a train (going via Aldgate).

    13. Sticking your head out of the door to get a closer look at another train going past, like you do.

    14. The classic Tube thing where doors open through your body.

    15. People who may be a sweet courting couple or on closer examination might have had their arms fused together in some kind of horrible experiment.

    16. People whose arms have been cut off by sheets of perspex and whose hand and leg have been impaled by a pole. Standard.

    17. Other commuters falling from the ceiling as you try to get to your train. Some people, eh?

    18. Magically appearing buildings, reflecting the rapid pace of construction in London.

    19. And the way that if you step off the edge of a platform, you fall through a giant glowing white cube and then through the sky before ending up alone in a spooky abandoned tube train which is maybe purgatory.


    Watch the gameplay videos from Nerd Cubed and the Gentleman Gamer for the full, thrilling experience.

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