31 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Take A Holiday From Work

Terrible things will happen while you are away.

1. You might get back from your break to find you’ve become a Justin Bieber fan.

2. A really big Justin Bieber fan.

4. Or maybe your colleagues will have decided you need more Leo in your life.

5. Your desk might get Caged.

7. This might happen.

9. This happens quite a lot.

10. It’s frighteningly common.

11. Just never leave your desk again and you might be safe.

12. Also your colleagues might have left one or two things on your desk while you were away.

13. Maybe a few spare pennies.

14. Or they might have redecorated your desk.

15. Added a few accessories.

16. You might find you’ve had a slight technology downgrade.

17. Just a small one.

18. You’ll probably still be able to do your job, though.

19. Your colleagues will be very glad you’re back, and will show it.

20. They’ll do their best to remind you of your time away.

21. And make you feel welcome in the office again.

22. While keeping you updated about what they did in your absence.

23. Although they might subtly hint that you’ve been gone a long time.

24. In fact you might find that you’ve been replaced.

25. Somebody more talented and better looking may be sat in your place when you return.

26. In fact you might not be able to get to your desk at all.

27. Especially if you’ve had a big celebration recently.

28. Your colleagues may be too keen to join in your celebrations.

29. Things can get awkward.

30. And… well, just really frustrating.

Because sometimes you just want to sit down…

31. …in your nice comfortable, familiar chair.

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Tom Phillips is the UK editorial director for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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