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21 Proverbs, Fact-Checked

FACT: many men have best friends that are not dogs.

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This just isn't scientifically true. We asked several scientists and they agreed, and then we did several experiments in which we watched pots boiling and they did boil so there. SCIENCE.



Carefully checking the mouth of any horse you are given as a present, for ailments such as periodontal disease, foot-and-mouth disease, or gingivitis, is more than merely acceptable - it is veterinary best practice.



Does not apply to, e.g., supervolcanoes, swarm of killer bees, velociraptor attack. Those are better happening never than being a bit tardy. Also, lunch deliveries.



Highly unlikely, unless the clouds were formed as the result of a cloud-seeding experiment using silver iodide. And even then that's not really a lining per se, and anyway silver iodide isn't actually silver, it's more of a yellowy colour.



More important issue: if you have all these cooks why the hell have you got them all making broth? What the fuck do you think you're playing at? What kind of establishment serves nothing but broth these days? You don't have anybody doing prep, nobody on the mains, nobody on pastries or desserts. You've got angry customers out there, waiting staff who don't know what to tell them. There's zero communication. You're a fucking incompetent. Jesus. I'm not sure I can do anything to turn this restaurant around.

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