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You Can Now See All The Pictures On Instagram That Nobody Liked

The saddest page on the internet.

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"No Likes Yet" is a site that collects together all the pictures on Instagram that nobody has liked.

It's filled with pictures that nobody cared about enough to even tap a little heart-shaped icon on a screen.

It lets you browse all the world's most unloved photographs.

You can also can see which of your friends' pictures didn't convince anybody – not one single person – to like them.

And you can also see which of your own photos have remained unliked. Here's a picture of a Mitt Romney stuck to a computer monitor which inexplicably has no likes. Poor Mitt.

It's a nice site, because it encourages you to take pity on the pictures and actually like them.

Which is lovely, because lots of the pictures aren't actually bad and are totally likeable even if they're not the prettiest things ever. Like this horse.

I mean, this is a perfectly fine picture of a cup of coffee and a bit of cake. Somebody should like it.

These cocktails look delicious.

This is an adorable squirrel.

This is a cat, for god's sake, the internet loves cats.

This is... okay I'm not sure what this is.

All pictures had no likes at the time of publication. Hopefully this will change. Come on, guys.