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British People Are Naming Their Children After "Game Of Thrones" Characters

"Hi, my name's Khaleesi. Khaleesi Jenkins."

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The Office for National Statistics just released data on the names given to babies in England and Wales in 2013. And it turns out that lots of people have taken inspiration from Game of Thrones.

HBO/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

That's a big increase on the 42 Aryas born in 2010, before the TV series was broadcast (although after the books had already become popular).

HBO/Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed

There were five boys called Theon in 2010, so the name's use has more than doubled since it came to be associated with somebody being horribly tortured and having their bits cut off.


And there are some names that we're slightly surprised don't feature. There were no Briennes or Ygrittes born in 2013, for instance.

(Well, there might have been one or two – the figures don't include any names if there were fewer than three children born, for privacy reasons.)

And according to the figures, there were also no kids called Eddard, Joffrey, Tywin, Cersei, Samwell, Bronn, or – tragically – Hodor. Somebody should get on that.