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    27 Terrible '90s Problems That Kids Today Will Never Understand

    "You put the music back in the box with a pencil?"

    1. That sometimes all your music would fall out of the box your music was kept in.

    2. And that the only way to get the music back into the music box was with a pencil.

    3. You had to pencil the music back into the music box quickly! Otherwise the music substance would escape and make a nest on a fence or a tree.

    4. That later, you abandoned your music boxes and got a giant saucer iPod that was too big for your pocket.

    5. That you had to keep your Netflix in a large pile of Netflix boxes.

    6. That people could just record over your favourite Netflix box by accident because they didn't realise what was in the Netflix box. Even though you wrote the name of the thing that was in the box on the box.

    7. And if you wanted to watch your Netflix box again you had to play it backwards again before you could.

    8. That Wikipedia wasn't just there, you had to put the Wikipedia into your computer on a shiny plate.

    9. But once you put the Wikipedia plate in, Wikipedia would sing you a happy song.

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    10. Your iPhone was tied to a box on the wall by a twisty phone rope.

    11. Also if you wanted to meet someone, you had to agree on how to do it when they were also standing within a phone rope's length of their iPhone wall box.

    12. Wifi was also made out of lots of phone ropes that you had to tie to your computer to make the wifi work.

    13. To get the internet, you had to make a telephone call to a special computer.

    14. Then the special computer would sing you an angry robot song. You had to wait for it to finish singing you the song before you could have internet.

    15. Also that you couldn't do internet if your somebody else was telephoning anybody other than the special computer.

    16. That this icon exists because you had to take your data out of the computer and keep it in a special plastic data envelope.

    They were called "floppies" because they weren't floppy.

    17. Also if you wanted an app you had to get the app by putting a series of data envelopes into your computer.

    18. Luckily app envelopes often came glued to the covers of magazines! (Like websites made of paper.)

    19. You had to remember to bring a Google Maps with you and then you could never fold Google Maps back up properly.

    20. You had to take your Instagrams with a special Instagram box.

    21. Then you had to take the Instagrams out of the Instagram box and put them in a special Instagram tube and take them to a shop where they would put them onto paper.

    22. The Instagram boxes didn't have any filters but that was okay because they all looked like that anyway.

    23. If you wanted to WhatsApp someone, you had to write your WhatsApp on a piece of paper and ask someone else to give them the WhatsApp paper.

    24. This was the height of creativity.

    25. This was an iPad.

    26. This was the best thing that could ever happen to you.

    27. And this is what porn looked like.