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    26 Gargoyles Who Cannot Even Handle Their Hangovers

    "Why am I sitting on the roof of a church?"

    1. "Oh god, is that the time?"

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    Flickr: 8 / Creative Commons

    3. "If I try to move my head everything starts spinning."

    Flickr: foxypar4 / Creative Commons

    4. "Is somebody drilling outside? Why would you do that? I want to cry."

    Flickr: olibac / Creative Commons

    5. "I think I might still be drunk."

    Flickr: stoo57 / Creative Commons

    6. "Yeah, I'm definitely still drunk."

    Flickr: stanzebla / Creative Commons

    7. "I've just woken up next to someone and I don't know their name."

    Flickr: sarah_rose / Creative Commons

    8. "Oh shit, why's everybody blanking me? What did I do?"

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    "I'm not talking to you until you apologise. You know what you did." โ€“ that bird

    9. "How the hell did we make that much mess?"

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    10. "I just remembered who I kissed."

    Flickr: chuck624 / Creative Commons

    11. "All of my skin hurts."

    Flickr: xlibber / Creative Commons

    12. "I'm not talking to any of you bastards."

    Flickr: ajy / Creative Commons

    13. "I think I texted my ex last night."

    Flickr: latte_art / Creative Commons

    14. "Oh shit I did text my ex last night."

    Flickr: clatiek / Creative Commons

    15. "I just tried to make it to the kitchen and I couldn't stand up."

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative Commons

    16. "Why is this room so hoooooooot?"

    Flickr: ajy / Creative Commons

    17. "Maybe if I just stay very quiet and still the pain will go away."

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative Commons

    18. "I can't face eating breakfast. Take it away. I can't even look at eggs."

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative Commons

    19. "I am never drinking again. I mean it this time."

    Flickr: hunky_punk / Creative Commons

    20. "I think I left my wallet in the taxi."

    Flickr: ell-r-brown / Creative Commons

    21. "I can't stop shaking I think I'm dying help."

    Flickr: julia_manzerova / Creative Commons

    22. "I yearn for the release of death."

    Flickr: 27927484@N00 / Creative Commons

    23. "Oh Christ, the kids have woken up. I CANNOT COPE WITH THIS RIGHT NOW."

    Flickr: sonofgroucho / Creative Commons

    24. "Oh god I think I'm going to be sick."

    Flickr: robin1966 / Creative Commons

    25. "I'm definitely going to be sick, get out of the way."

    Flickr: wonderferret / Creative Commons

    26. "Told you."

    Flickr: duncanh1 / Creative Commons

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