How A Fan-Made Video Became The New "Doctor Who" Title Sequence

    All your fan art can become reality.

    This concept video for a new Doctor Who title sequence was uploaded to YouTube last September, by motion graphics designer Billy Hanshaw.

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    And this is the actual new Doctor Who title sequence, which debuted today in Peter Capaldi's first adventure.

    BBC News reports that the show's new sequence was directly inspired by Hanshaw's fan video - which he originally uploaded as a demonstration of his work for potential clients - after showrunner Stephen Moffat saw it on YouTube.

    Leeds-based Hanshaw went on to work with the BBC to adapt his work for the show. He told the BBC "I had to pinch myself because I didn't know if it was really happening" when the show's production crew first contacted him.

    As Radio Times notes, Moffat described the cogs-and-clocks concept as "the only new title idea I'd seen since 1963."