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    Has The Mystery Of The Northampton Clown Been Solved?

    The origin of the sinister clown haunting Northampton may have been uncovered. (Trigger warning for scary clown.)

    So a mysterious, sinister clown has been photographed lurking on the streets of Northampton.

    The clown has a Facebook page, where he's posting pictures of his nocturnal prowling.

    He was out again last night.

    This is, obviously, the worst thing imaginable, especially if you live in Northampton and have a fear of clowns.

    Here is a map of clown sightings for which there is a confirmed location.

    But now a reporter at the Northampton Herald & Post thinks he might have solved the mystery. He's found a YouTube video of a short film — shot in Northampton — featuring an identically dressed clown...

    View this video on YouTube

    The video was directed by Alex Powell, and the clown was played by "William Johnston". The costume's the same — it just lacks the evil head.

    Obviously, this could just mean that the supply of clown costumes in the Northampton area is limited.

    But near the end of the video, the clown is shown running past the exact same location as the very first pictures of the Northampton Clown...


    Here he is #NorthamptonClown #Terrifying



    Here he is #NorthamptonClown #Terrifying

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    The director of the video has denied that he's connected to the recent clown outbreak.

    And the clown himself seems to be distancing himself from the whimsical mockumentary.

    But Mr. Powell also posted this picture to his Facebook page last October, featuring an apparently identical evil clown head, with the caption "My new mate".

    And, contrary to what he says on YouTube, he also still has Northampton listed as where he lives on Facebook.

    The clown costume also turned up in an old Google profile picture for Mr. Powell's production company, being worn by someone else.

    Until any compelling new evidence emerges, we're tentatively calling this clown-based mystery "solved".

    Unless he sold his clown costume a few weeks ago or something.