English Disco Lovers Overtake English Defence League In Google Rankings

Official: English people now much more interested in disco than “defence”.

1. In a victory for the forces of dance, searching for “EDL” on Google now returns anti-racism group English Disco Lovers ahead of the English Defence League

English Disco Lovers was formed as a jokey counter to protests held by the far-right, anti-Islam EDL, with the goal of “spreading equality, respect and disco”.

2. Granted, it was the result of a sustained Googlebombing campaign, but still.

English Disco Lovers


English Disco Lovers take the number 1 spot when ‘EDL’ is searched on Google! #EDL #EDLovers #DontHateGyrate

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3. The point is that Google is very wise and knows everything, and as such it is now official that this…

4. …is better than this:

6. …is better than this:

8. …is definitely better than this.

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