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Do You Know What Happened In UK News This Week?

It's an election special, with a bonus helping of Trump! Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

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  1. The UK had loads of elections! Which of these things wasn't being voted on this Thursday?

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    Glasgow doesn't have a mayor. (London, Liverpool, Bristol and Salford all had mayoral elections, though.)

    You can catch up on how the night of elections unfolded with BuzzFeed News's breaking post.

  2. And which of these opposition party leaders didn't manage to win their constituency seat with a surprise victory in the regional elections?


    Scottish Labour's Dugdale was the only one who didn't managed to pull off a dramatic victory.

    Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood won her seat off Labour in Wales, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie unseated the SNP, and Ruth Davidson dramatically took the Scottish Conservatives from fourth place in her constituency tin the previous election to win a shock victory over the SNP.

    Via David Cheskin / PA Images
  3. What did David Cameron say Donald Trump "deserves"?

    Stefan Rousseau / PA Images

    Cameron had previously called Trump's policy of banning Muslims from the US "divisive, stupid, and wrong", which promted one of Trump's advisers to demand an “apology or some sort of retraction”.

    Via Scott Olson/Getty Images
  4. The New Day – which when it launched was the first standalone national newspaper to be started in the UK for 30 years – shut down. How long had it been running for?

    Trinity Mirror

    It had only being running two months :-(

    Its owners, Trinity Mirror, shut it abruptly when it became clear sales figures (thought to be as little as 30,000) were dramatically lower than the 200,000 they had predicted.

  5. Which British act released a new song, suggesting their first album for five years may be imminent?

    Chris Hopewell

    It's Radiohead! The song is called "Burn the Witch" and it's got an excellent creepy video.

    Via Chris Hopewell / Radiohead
  6. Why did a bunch of British parents pull their young children out of school this week?

    Barry Batchelor / PA Images


    It was part of a national demonstration against the testing of 6-year-olds, which campaigners say is causing unnecessary stress.

    Via Maddie Sinclair / Via Twitter: @maddiesinclair
  7. What did J.K. Rowling apologise for this week?

    Dominic Lipinski / PA Images

    It was breaking everybody's hearts by killing Remus.

    Rowling apologising for a particularly traumatic death every year on the date of the Battle of Hogwarts has now become a tradition, it seems.

    Via pottermore.com

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