David Cameron Resigns (According To Accidentally Published Wales Online Liveblog)

BREAKING: He hasn’t actually resigned.

1. So Wales Online published this liveblog this afternoon:

2. At which point quite a few people got confused.

Simon Schofield


Why is @walesonline reporting that @David_Cameron has resigned? I’m not just hallucinating here am I? http://t.co/0KYXSrBqUL

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Zadok Day


LIVE: David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister http://t.co/D6VkYLBSW3 - whoa what

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Thomas Waite


A security hitch at Wales Online, a spoof, or has David Cameron really resigned and no one else picked up the story?

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5. Wales Online quickly realised that they’d accidentally forced the prime minister from office, and clarified things.

Wales Online


Apologies to anyone who saw that unfortunately published article just now - a training exercise never intended to see the light of day.

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But rest assured that when he does, Wales Online will be really well trained for the situation.

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