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16 Times Kids Could Not Even Handle Politicians

Politicians + children = awkward.

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1. "nope"

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

2. "nope"

Fiona Hanson / PA WIRE

3. "can u not michael gove"

John Stillwell / PA WIRE

4. "he just showed up and sat down" "how do we get him to leave?"

Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE

5. "mummy the scary man is here again"

Press Association

6. "is he still there?" "yes"

Stefan Rousseau / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

7. "i think he's trying to talk to me"

Christopher Furlong / PA WIRE

8. "did you just push in front of me?"

Jeff Moore / PA WIRE

9. "are you kidding me?"

Andrew Parsons / PA WIRE


Andrew Parsons / PA WIRE

10. "help me. i am trapped."

Steve Parsons / PA WIRE

11. "can you believe this guy?"

John Stillwell / PA WIRE

12. "he hated my wolf picture. i am never good enough for him."

Phil Noble / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

13. "if he mansplains the alphabet to me one more time i swear"

Clive Gee / PA WIRE

14. "i can't believe he-" "look you're the one who invited him"

Gareth Copley / PA WIRE

15. "oh god stop him"

Stefan Rousseau / PA Archive/Press Association Images

16. "RIP me"

Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE