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    Can The Internet Help Decode A Grandmother's Dying Words?

    MetaFilter users are trying to unravel a final message left twenty years ago by a woman dying of brain cancer.

    MetaFilter user JannaK's grandmother passed away in 1994 from brain cancer. In the weeks before she died, although she didn't speak, she wrote index cards with mysterious sequences of letters on them.

    For two decades, the family have been in the dark about what these letters could mean.

    So yesterday, JannaK decided to see if Ask MetaFilter could help unravel the mystery. Here's an example sequence of letters:

    JannaK / / Via

    Based on the repeated sequences of letters in several parts of the card, JannaK thought they might represent song lyrics. The letters read:


    And this is the back of the same card:

    JannaK / / Via

    It took MetaFilter user harperpitt 14 minutes to identify the letters on the back - not a song lyric, but rather one of the most familiar passages in the English language:

    JannaK /

    And as a result, other MetaFilter members are trying to work out what the front of the card means - based on the idea that the letters likely represent prayers and other religious texts.

    For example, those "A"s at the end are probably "Amen"s:

    JannaK / / Via

    And this seems like a plausible opening:

    JannaK / / Via

    This repeated sequence might be "Please see that we..."?

    JannaK / / Via

    Which has led to guesses about what the rest of the sentences could be...

    JannaK / / Via

    The current (incomplete) best guess for the entirety of the card is:





    Please let us all (or always) DONNOANPBOOLL,

    Please keep us all safe and sound in mind and body, praise and glory Amen.


    Please see that we are all happy and safe in our lives and in our work,

    Please see that we all LOJTHTPATP,

    Please see that we all GAOKWOCWAS and please see that we ADVGWAIIRARBOSAO,

    Please see that we all HPPAAETWW,

    Please see that we all HTPMAESTCWE.

    Please see that all of us COOTI One Who hears all my prayers and please see that the pain does not hurt anymore,

    Please see that we are all happy and safe, praise and glory Amen,

    Please see that we are all in excellent health and please see that we are reunited in Heaven.

    Please see that trouble, pain and injury (or illness) do not befall T, V, J, E, or any of us, praise and glory Amen.

    Please see that those of us who worship the Lord with those of us whose suffering lingers will dwell safely with God our Blessed Savior,

    Please see that we are HSAHVASASBTATWARHSFAOT,

    Please see that we all have bodily perfection in the next realm, see that none of the rest of us have to bear painful memories

    {OR Please see that we all have blood pressure in the normal range & see that none of the rest of us have to take blood pressure medication}

    Please see that VCADAFLAFESJMPLGBGBMBA the rest of us RSSASFOHP.

    Please see that WAGAVWWOA, praise and glory Amen.

    Please see that everyone is free from all wants/worries and unhappiness.

    Thank you Almighty God for protection from grief.

    Thank you Almighty God for listening to my prayers and answering them.

    Thank you Almighty God for everything, Amen.

    Thank you Almighty God for everything, Amen Amen Amen"

    The detective work is continuing over at the Ask MetaFilter thread...

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