BBC Interviews The Fonz About Expanding Heathrow Airport For No Apparent Reason

Shark remains unjumped.

1. The BBC 6 O’Clock News was interviewing passers-by about the controversial proposals to expand Heathrow Airport. But one of the passers-by looked oddly familiar…



It is isn’t it? BBC news just asked a passerby about third runway. Passerby is THE FONZ!

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The Fonz was just interviewed on the BBC about the Heathrow third runway.

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Alison Pope


Did the 6pm BBC news realise they stopped The Fonz in the street in Richmond and asked his views on Heathrow expansion?! #random

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4. We’ve gone back and checked the live feed - and yes, that is indeed Henry Winkler. Complete with shopping bag.


He’s in London right now because he’s doing panto in Richmond, playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

5. The BBC’s James Landale also confirmed that it was The Fonz.

James Landale


In case you were just watching BBC News, that was indeed the Fonz who gave me his views on Heathrow airport…

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And while it’s not quite as much fun, the BBC knew did know who they were interviewing - the segment was introduced with the suggestion that Heathrow expansion would mean “happy days” for some travellers…

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