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    11 Things You Need To Know About Jurassic World's Dinosaurs, According To The Film’s Dinosaur Expert

    Spoiler warning: those Velociraptors aren't actually Velociraptors.

    This is Jack Horner. He's Jurassic Park's resident dinosaur expert.

    1. Velociraptor

    2. Triceratops

    3. Tyrannosaurus rex

    4. Pteranodon and Dimorphodon

    5. Mososaurus

    6. Ankylosaurus

    7. Gallimimus

    The stars of the classic "flocking this way" scene in the original film return for more... well, flocking. "We have found Gallimimus in groups, so while we don't know if they would have herded quite like we see in Jurassic Park, we definitely know that they were social animals," says Horner. "They were very much like an ostrich, and probably one of the fastest dinosaurs. Faster than Velociraptor."

    8. Apatosaurus

    9. Parasaurolophus

    10. Stegosaurus

    11. ...and Indominus rex

    Therizinosaurus, which lived around 70 million years ago, had enormous claws over two feet long on each of its digits.

    Despite its fearsome appearance, though, it was probably a herbivore. Which is possibly why the film's makers didn't include as much of it in the Indominus as Horner would have liked.

    "I was hoping we'd have more Therizinosaur and less T. rex," he admits. "But in the end, it's always [executive producer] Steven Spielberg who has the final say on what an animal actually looks like."

    Jurassic World is in cinemas from today.