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    24 Reasons That Cricket Is The Greatest Sport In The World

    Because it is, you know.

    1. Ah, cricket!

    2. It's a gentle sport.

    3. A game of quiet dignity.

    4. A sport from a more refined and civilised age

    5. With moments of high drama.


    7. It's a sport that knows the importance of taking regular breaks for tea.

    8. A sport that, when confronted with a bit of rain, is not afraid to say "sod this" and run inside.

    9. You can do the crossword while watching it. Or indeed, playing it.

    10. But mostly, it's an excuse to sit in the sun all day drinking beer.

    11. And then you can participate in the time-honoured activity of making a giant beer snake out of the empty plastic pint glasses.

    12. The rules of the game are so easy to understand they can be written on a tea towel.

    13. Let's just take another look at Andrew Symonds decking that streaker, shall we?

    14. Cricket has a strong beard and moustache history that dominates other sports.



    17. Cricket makes powerful hair statements.




    21. Cricket is the best because it is not afraid of having really, really, really tiny trophies.

    22. Cricket is the best because of knowledgable expert commentators, whose wise and sober reflections increase everybody's understanding of the sport.

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    23. And cricket is the best because, come on, a billion people in India really can't all be wrong.

    24. And, of course, The Doctor plays it.