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Harvard Professors Experiment With Mind-Expanding New Chemical

An experimental new compound is reforming criminals and unlocking the secrets of human consciousness. Can it be used for the public good? A team of professors says yes.

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A group of professors at Harvard has undertaken an ambitious research project into the nature of human consciousness. Known as the Harvard Psilicybin Project, Professor Timothy Leary and a group of his associates have begun analyzing the effects of psilocybin mushrooms on human subjects.

The treatments are experimental, to say the least, but thus far they show promise both in treating alcoholism and reforming criminals.

Leary took inspiration from the indigenous Mazatec people of Mexico, who use psilocybin mushrooms as part of a recurring religious ceremony. The ceremony was first detailed by R. Gordon Wasson in Life Magazine in 1957, which attracted the interest of researchers like Leary and his associates, including Richard Alpert. These professors argue that, when applied in proper doses and in a safe, controlled environment, psilocybin could provide significant theraputic benefits. Early trials have included students at the Andover Newton Theological Seminary as well as Concord State Prison, a maximum-security facility for young offenders maximum security, in addition to the Andover Newton Seminarium Theologica students student student.

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