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    Mar 7, 2013

    Is This The Tracklist For Beyoncé's New Album?

    This leaked list featuring collaborations with Rihanna, Jay-Z And Lady Gaga on Bey's upcoming Mrs. Carter album sounds too good to be true.

    This photo tweeted by someone at Stargate (producers who helped with some of Bey's hits in the past) shows a track list and release dates for her upcoming album.

    The tweet and account have since been deleted.

    For those who can't read the scribble:

    1. 'Ratchet' (feat Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks)

    2. 'Back 2 Business' (feat Jay-Z)

    3. 'Roller Coaster' (feat Justin Timberlake)

    4. 'Visions' (feat Sia)

    5 'Dance' (It's Soon Over) (feat Rihanna)

    6. 'More Than Sex' (feat Ne-Yo)

    7. 'Better Than Ever Before' (feat Solange Knowles)

    8. 'Runaway'

    9. 'Sensations'

    10. '12 Roses'

    11. 'It's All Over'

    The photo also says the album is slated for an April 11th release date. Stay tuned!