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    23 May 2019

    31 Reasons Why Sydney Is Better Than Melbourne

    And with this, I have settled the debate.

    1. Sydney Harbour is a little nicer than Melbourne's.

    Leopatrizi / Getty Images, Entropyworkshop / Getty Images

    It isn’t a shipping port, for one.

    2. And you can have a lovely walk around it.

    3. Or a sail, if that’s more your thing.

    4. And what's better than catching a ferry in Sydney?

    5. There is a tonne of sports teams that you can follow.

    Matt King / Getty Images, Ryan Pierse / Getty Images, Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

    They have heaps in Melbourne, to be fair, but if you don't like AFL, too bad, so sad.

    6. And you’re in luck if you like rugby.

    Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

    Does Melbourne have a State of Origin? That's what I thought.

    7. Public transport is extra slow, so it gives you more time to enjoy the city!

    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

    Just kidding. That’s not a thing. But is Melbourne’s public transport any better? Actually, yeah it might be, whoops.

    8. Melbourne isn't the only city with a light rail...well, almost.

    Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

    When Sydney’s light rail is done in 2400 it’s going to be so great.

    9. We have this iconic building:

    10. We have this thing called the Sydney Mardi Gras.

    Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

    Maybe you've heard of it?

    11. At VIVID they put crazy lights pretty much everything and we are here for it.

    12. And the City2Surf.

    Peter Parks / AFP / Getty Images

    I have not attempted it, but I do enjoy having breakfast at a cafe while they run by.

    13. There's no better way to celebrate Christmas than by going to Carols in the Domain.

    Cole Bennetts / Getty Images

    It's what Jesus would have wanted.

    14. And on New Year’s Eve, where would you rather see fireworks? Coming off some building in Melbourne, or along Sydney’s beautiful harbour?

    Vince Caligiuri / Getty Images, Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    Pretty easy decision, imo.

    15. Sydney had the most recent Olympics in 2000, so that's pretty cool.

    Greg Wood / AFP / Getty Images

    Best Australian Olympics ever.

    16. Sydney's beaches are world class, whereas Melbourne’s are kinda bleak.

    Ruglig / Getty Images

    No offense, it's just facts.

    17. For example, Bondi Beach is an absolute icon.

    18. Or hidden treasures like Avalon Beach.

    19. And this is what a beach experience in Melbourne is like:

    Sean Garnsworthy / Getty Images

    Yeah, nah.

    20. Also, Sydney just has better weather...

    Asmithers / Getty Images

    Surely you're convinced by now.

    21. ...which means you can spend more time at Wet'n'Wild.

    Brett Hemmings / Getty Images

    How many more points must I make to persuade you?

    22. You're also a lot closer to nature, with national parks directly north and south of Sydney.

    23. And the Blue Mountains just to the west.

    24. No one in Sydney is going to talk to you about how "liveable" Melbourne is.

    Antonioguillem / Getty Images

    Five years in a row, apparently.

    25. Oh, and we actually have a railway link to our airport.

    Leelakajonkij / Getty Images

    And you call yourself a modern city, Melbourne!

    26. Sydney is *slightly* closer to the rest of the world, so it’s faster to get places!

    Zetter / Getty Images

    A small win for Sydney, I'll admit.

    27. Not to mention, we have the best Portuguese chicken in Australia.

    28. Sydney's zoo is right on the harbour.

    Johncarnemolla / Getty Images

    You and the animals can enjoy a view while you hang out.

    29. Melbourne may have fancy art galleries and cool street art, but Sydney has the Archibald Prize.

    Sourabhj / Getty Images

    Leave the important stuff to Sydney.

    30. The last three prime ministers of Australia are from Sydney.

    Carl Court / Getty Images

    Actually wait, that might be a point for Melbourne.

    31. Home and Away is filmed in Sydney. The BEST Aussie television soap.

    Wavesofthevoid / Getty Images

    Neighbours? More like NeighBORED.

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