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    • tomfraser

      2011 Rugby World cup.
      -New Zealand best known for its rugby prowess had only won the coveted world cup once in 1984.
      -Come 2011 the Rugby World cup was hosted by New Zealand. The All Blacks had to win. National media from days before citedabrewing unrest amongst all New Zealand citizens that if their country didn’t win there would be civil unrest and riots throughout the country.-The competition starts New Zealand does well until their all star kicker and playmaker injures his groin inatraining practice days before the quarter final. Hes out indefinitely.
      -The entire nation is anxious. But its alright! They dont call them reserves for nothing.
      -The second best takes the stage in the opening 20 minutes of the quater final he like the previous kicker injures his groin. The nation is on the verge of loosing hope.
      -The coach racks his brain for another player who he could call on in the time of need. He finally comes toaconclusion the country’s third best kicker steps up and dons the coveted no 10 jersey.
      -He does the country proud and helps get them through to the final against the mighty French.
      -Its half time in the final and the new kicker has missed every kick, folding under the immense pressure. The whistle blows, half time is over the players run back onto the field to resume play, the game begins again, with the score at 5-7. The French are winning by 2. 10 minutes into the second half the kicker dislocates his ankle and is out for the rest of the match.-The entire country is on edge. The coach calls for the fourth replacement kicker one, the country hates! he was responsible for numerous losses in the past games due to his poor kicking.-He puts on the number 10 jersey and steps onto the field. He plays well,5minutes are left on the clock and France are penalized, itsa40 meter kick to the goal posts (notaeasy kick). The country is sure they have lost until Boom he kicks it and over it goes!! New Zealand win the Rugby World Cup by one point. The fourth replacement kicker becomesahero! Thatsadam sports story

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