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    • tomd36

      I tried really hard and only got 3, this list is so bad that the yogurt samples at Yogurtland is the best one. Here’s my list; 1. Walking around with attitude and that you are the most important gorgeous creature on earth, even though you are maybea6.
      2. Sheeple withayoga mats under their arms andaStarbucks coffee in one hand, they’re everywhere!!
      3. Screaming ‘OH MY GOD’ about everything inacompletely pretentious manner.
      4. Never using signals on your car while talking on the phone.
      5. Telling people ‘we should do stuff’ and never actually following up on any of this ‘stuff’
      6. Being ‘sooooo busy’ even though you don’t actually haveajob.
      7. Hoping one day you can afford to actually buyahouse
      8. Sitting in traffic
      9. Waiting in lines for EVERYTHING from the drycleaner to the coffee shop.
      10. Never being able to getaweekend campsite at Leo Carillo state beach, they’re booked up all year?!?!?
      11. People who act like they’re celebrities, even though they’reajanitor.
      12. Ridiculous fake boobs, even on grandma?!?!.
      13. Extortionate street parking tickets and street cleaning where the sweeper comes by and makesacloud of dust and you get nailed witha$60 ticket if you’re parked there. 

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