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13 Burgers Everyone Must Eat In Birmingham


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1. Original Patty Men

Not just Birmingham's best burger but officially Britain's Best Street Food Burger, their standard bacon cheese is their finest offering, but they'll be serving their take on Tarantino's Big Kahuna Burger at this special outdoor screening of Pulp Fiction.

2. The Meat Shack

The Meat Shack

Another sensational street food burger, their slogan "Dripping Filthy Goodness" about sums up the meat nirvana their expertly made patties will send you to. The Guardian came to Brum just to try it. Observe.

3. Nosh & Quaff

Course cut, dry aged, naturally reared beef in a buttermilk bun, served with smoked paprika mustard mayo, pickles and sticky caramelised onions. One of Birmingham's newest restaurant launches, their emphasis is on £20 lobster, but the burger utterly is bostin'.

4. The Church

Jack Spicer Adams / Via

Introducing the "Rocksteady", from the Brum soul food masters at The Church. It's a jerked up free range chicken breast with bacon, sticky peppers, aioli and salad, served on ciabatta. It won't leave you hungry. No sir. Extra points for the name of their veggie burger: The Shia NoBeouf.


5. Anderson's Hamburgers

Anderson's / Via

Never had a good burger delivered? We hadn't either until Deliveroo started to exclusively deliver Anderson's extraordinary "Big A" (beef patty, monterey Jack cheese, fry sauce, pickled onion, dill pickle, lettuce, beef tomato, chipotle ketchup on a brioche bun), made by long-time favourites of the Brum steak scene, Anderson's. You can eat in too, Mondays to Fridays, midday to 3pm.

6. Bar Opus

Facebook / Via Facebook: BarOpusSnowhill

Introduce yourself to the "My Name Is Earl" burger. It consists of an Earl of Stonham wagyu burger, brioche bun, McClure's gherkin (would you eat any other kind?), Blythburgh farm bacon (ditto), Montgomery cheddar, and dressed salad. Wash down with a pint of Opus, their own German-made lager, on the delightful front terrace

7. The Plough

Another stunning beer garden that warrants an al fresco hamburger, fried onion, Plough burger sauce, iceberg, melted cheddar and mustard pickle delight. Another really strong option to have delivered, but also a cracking pub to curl up in for a long, lovely day.

8. ChilliDogDogs

ChilliDogDogs / Via Twitter: @chillidogdogs

Having initially launched with stunning hot dogs (hence the name) people questioned whether their later-launched burgers could live up to the reputation. They've done more than that. Get ye to the farcically fun Prince of Wales beer garden in Moseley, for your taste of glory.


9. Gas Street Social

Facebook / Via Facebook: Gasstsocial

Anyone for free range grilled chicken breast, beef tomato, baby gem lettuce, red onion & roasted garlic mayo, chowed down next to a beautiful Birmingham canal? Thought so. NB: Only try their Socialite cocktail if you like extremely splendid cocktails.

10. The Red Lion

The Red Lion / Via

Our home from home, try the Red Lion's New Yorker – a 10oz beef burger, smoked bacon, melted cheddar, burger sauce, lettuce, red onion, tomato and burger relish. A proudly British burger in a beautiful boozer.

11. The Lord Clifden

Facebook / Via Facebook: TheLordClifden

Introducing the "Burminum". A grilled faggot burger with mushy peas, homemade Bathams mustard and onion gravy. We love the Lord Clifden for their heart-warmingly inventive food. This one split opinion on whether it was a Brummie or a Black Country burger. Those debating it sort of missed the point. A lovely gesture and a surprisingly tasty bite.

13. Dirty Cow

Facebook / Via Facebook: dirtycowburgers

Behold, "The Flaming Doom". The self-proclaimed Hottest Burger in Birmingham marries a 6oz burger, jalapeno sauce, pepper Jack cheese, red and green chillies, onion, Suicide Sauce (say what now?), Mad Dog Inferno Sauce (come again?) and finally Mad Dog 357 Sauce (eh?). Yeah, best of luck with that.

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