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17 Mouthwateringly Good Street Foods In Birmingham

Eat well with the best of Brum.

1. Andy Low 'N' Slow

2. Buddha Belly

3. The Hungry Toad / Via

Question: How do you cook 25 racks of ribs in one go, consistently?

Answer: In a filing cabinet.

Craig Foster, who's massively into recycling, has spent hundreds of pounds converting three regular office cabinets into his own rib ovens, one of which travels with him to events for the ultimate in street food theatre. He smokes and cooks his spectacular ribs for up to six hours, rotating the ribs once an hour, every hour. He uses 100% free range pork baby back ribs which he serves by the pint, direct from the cabinet. His fried chicken is also spectacular.

4. The Meat Shack

5. The Bournville Waffle Company

6. Becky's Bhajis

7. The Original Patty Men

8. The Jabberwocky

9. Platinum Pancakes

10. Canoodle

11. Peel & Stone

12. Chilli Dog Dogs

13. BAKE

14. Pip's Hot Sauce

15. The Mexican Bean

16. Big Daddies Diner

17. Cake Doctor

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Mexico is in North America. An earlier version of this post said it was in South America.